Competitions held at STAC

Winners of various competitions held under STAC and event details are featured here.

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A paper presentation event held in the annual intra-college tech fest of IIT Mandi, Utkarsh. It had the most difficult Problem Statement in all the events in Utkarsh.

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A successful event which saw an astronomical amount of participation. Sky was very clear. Photo featuring the winners, Akash, Ananya and Anuradha(Left to Right)

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The first ever edition of Zenith observed a participation of 80. It was a written quiz focussing on Astrophysics covering the topic of Relativity too. Photo featuring the winner, Ananya.

What we do as a Club!

STAC is a club where one can explore every corner of the technical knowledge he/she has! Have a look towards what we do! You are encouraged to knock our doors anytime. :) If you feel like taking a session on Astrophysics/Robotics/Programming/Star-Gazing or anything related to STAC (Which is in fact everything ;) ), just write a mail to

Core Astrophyisics and related Mathematics, from Black holes to String Theory, from Expanding Universe to BigCrunch, we do everything!
Sky gazing, Messier Hunts, Sky Reading and what not! From studying Stellar evolution to operating telescopes (Even building one)!
Space Technology
Working on Radio Telescope, Making Machine Learning Algorithms and Developing Android Apps. The domain is vast, which also includes automating the telescope…
Having the privilege of living in a very serene place with amazing sky, some members are over-enthusiastic for capturing the night sky in the cameras…
Zenith logo

Zenith - The Annual Astrofest 2018

Zenith is the annual intra-college Astrofest organised by the club. The astrofest saw a large footfall with enthusiastic astrophysicists talking about various amazing topics ranging from Black Holes to String Theory in "Aurora". Some Computer Science Enthusiasts did a week long hacking to create amazing applications. On the other side of campus of IIT Mandi, some students were participating in "Pandora's Box" to win cool prizes. This all was flavoured by some amazing talks by Dr. Arnav Bhavsar and Bhavya Bhatt.

Prizes Worth:

₹ 8000







Future Prospects and Ongoing Projects

A brief about our ongoing projects and what we plan to do in the future. We invite you to collaborate with us or/and sponsor our projects.
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12" Telescopeclose

A 12" Telescope is under construction. We have already made it's body and we are about to start with mount!
The challenge is to make it automatic!


Visit to Dongla Observatory and 3 Days Training at Dongla Observatory.

Trip to Parashar Lakeclose

Parashar Lake trip in April. The most awaited trip of the year. We click some of the most amazing photographs in collaboration with Shutterbugs(Photography Club), IIT Mandi. The trip is a thrilling experience for Astronomy Enthusiasts, with some open clusters even visible to the naked eyes.

Bronze Medal in Star Cluster Identifier hackathon, Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018

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