STAC is a club where one can explore every corner of the technical knowledge he/she has! The club enables students to not only enhance their knowledge about the different aspects related to astronomy and astrophysics but also use the technologies available to develop their skills that will help them in future. Its activities include observing astronomical objects and bodies, organizing talks about astronomy and astrophysics, doing projects related to space technology. The club organizes two major fests in an academic year: Astrax, an inter-college astro-meet and Zenith, an intra-college astronomy fest. There are various discussions, quizzes, talks, hackathons that STAC organizes throughout the year.The vision of the club is to become self sufficient so that in the coming future, we discover new celestial bodies, publish research papers, participate and win inter-college events, be a part of the projects by leading organisations in the field of astronomy (NASA, ISRO, ESA etc) and much more.

What we Do As a Club?


Zenith - The Annual Intra-College Astrofest

Zenith is the annual intra-college Astro-fest organized in odd semester with many exciting events, talks and prizes. Its first edition was organized in 2018.


AstraX, the inter-college Astro-Meet, is the center of attraction for students and professors with an inclination towards computational and theoretical astronomy.Various keynotes, events, discussions are organized throughout the duration of the astro-meet.


Utkarsh is the intra-college technical fest of IIT Mandi. STAC organizes some events in the fest every year.

Future Prospects And Ongoing Projects

RC Plane

STAC is building a radio-controlled plane that will increase the exposure of students to the aviation sector.

RC Plane

CMOS camera

 The club is willing to buy a CMOS camera for astronomical data collection and further using it for computational purpose. It will also help students over the institute to accomplish their acadmics projects.

CMOS camera

12" Telescope

A 12" Telescope is under construction. The club has already made it's body and is about to start with mount. The challenge is to make it automatic.

12" Telescope

Star Tracker

A software and hardware to capture cool pics of deep sky objects.

Star Tracker


An observatory to observe celestial bodies.



Orbital-Simulator, 5th place in Inter IIT Tech Meet 2017

Exoplanet-Detection, Inter IIT Tech Meet 2017

Bronze Medal in Star Cluster Identifier hackathon, Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018

MiraPy, python package for deep learning in Astronomy

EinsteinPy, an open source python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and gravitational physics

GSoC 2020 in OpenAstronomy by previous STAC coordinator Abhijeet Manhas

3 asteroids detected by core members of STAC in CB Devgun Asteroid Search Campaign 2021